I'm Timur Tripp, a computer science student based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Welcome to my website!

Me at a Glance

  • Computer science student and hobbiest programmer
  • Experience working with Java, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, HTML, Git, and more
  • 22 years old
  • Based in Salt Lake City, Utah

What is TimurTripp.com?

TimurTripp.com (established 2009) is my personal website and portfolio. I started working on TimurTripp.com as a creative outlet for myself when I was just eleven years old. I continued working on the site for some years afterward, mainly using it to share pictures of my pets and fun projects like the TimurTripp.com Forum and Find the Picture while sharpening my web development skills. Some of the older pages will be put up in the Archive section.


One of the reasons for TimurTripp.com's existence is CYOW. CYOW stands for Create Your Own Website and was an HTML and CSS website building class I taught to my peers in middle school. I created a week-by-week curriculum for the class, and afterward everyone had produced a simple HTML website!