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I'm Timur Tripp, a college student with a passion for technology, majoring in Computer Science.

CSIS 1430 Course Reflection

It’s important for anyone entering the Computer Science field to have a basic understanding of client-side web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), which CSIS 1430 provides. Though I started out with some understanding of these technologies already, this course allowed me to sharpen my skills and build a webpage that not only looks nice, but can also perform a function or interact with the visitor as well. Along the way I also learned a few concepts that I didn’t know much about before, such as the HTML <map>, CSS flex display, Bootstrap, and the JavaScript and/or binary operators.

The first two projects primarily focused on HTML, used to specify the content of a webpage. The third, fourth, and midterm projects primarily focused on CSS, used to stylize the content of a webpage. The last five projects primarily focused on JavaScript, used to make a webpage functional or interactive.

This course also demonstrated how a webpage mockup created in Photoshop can be turned into a real functional webpage, how to make a modern webpage “responsive” (able to adjust to any widely-used device, such as a large-screen desktop computer or small-screen smartphone), and how Bootstrap can be used to simplify some tasks such as creating a resposive navigation or slideshow.

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